Review Policy

Aside from sewing I am an avid reader and reviewer, I review every book I read. I either purchase a book or accept an ARC for an honest review. My rating system is largely based on the excitement and enthusiasm of which I read a book and mostly ignores the more systematic rating points such as plot development, writing skill, character growth, etc. I do key in on some of those points, but mostly when they support my already existing feelings and thoughts. In short, I do what I want.

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☆☆☆☆☆ - SPECTALULAR! Rich character building, world building that swallows you whole, riveting plot points, holds emotions hostage.

☆☆☆☆ - Great read, good characters, interesting world building, generally really exciting read.

☆☆☆ - Eh. Good but room for improvement. Will list reasons in detail.

☆☆ - Frustrating, boring, painful to read.

☆ - Abysmal. Failure to live up to it's own potential. Rage inducing female portrayal. Ignorant and vapid characters. Enormous plot holes. Generally fucking awful.

I publish my reviews both here and on Goodreads - Erica Ravenclaw.

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