Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slip the Skin Episode One by Tera Shanley

Slip the Skin, Episode One (Slip the Skin #1)Slip the Skin, Episode One by Tera Shanley

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4 stars!

No Spoilers!

Slip the Skin is an idyllic lycan novella portraying Ms. Shanley's take on paranormal romance. We are introduced to Linden as she prepares herself for a night out on the town with her best friends, and quickly we learn the importance of this little adventure. Our heroin had me sliming from the start with her witty commentary and her interesting grasp of the here and now. The pace reads very much like a novella which I appreciated, but I couldn't help but notice the bones are there for a full book if the author ever felt like revisiting Linden and Grahams beginning. I'm excited to read the next installment and curious what else this author has out there!

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