Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Five Books That Made Me Fall In Love With Reading: #1

Hang a Thousand Trees with RibbonsHang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons by Ann Rinaldi

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The Five Books That Made Me Fall In Love With Reading: #1

I got asked an interesting question recently about how I fell into the world of book blogging, reading obsessively, and generally being a bookworm that got me thinking. My answer was fairly generic and one most of you can relate to, that I've always been this way. As long as I could remember I felt an affinity for books, providing something that I otherwise could not achieve. I was always a child in my own mind, lost in the clouds of my imagination and otherwise ignoring most other things. The conversation drifted to the books that impacted me the most, and this one was on the short list. I was 10 years old when first read this book, I remember clutching my money in my hand, wandering up and down the rows and rows of books trying to decide which adventure I wanted to go on, and this is what I chose.

This is the first book that I can recall that ever took my emotions hostage, I was completely and totally wrecked by it, and absolutely in love. I had no idea that a book could take over your soul and transport you into another life. Suddenly I was a little slave girl, learning to read, write poetry, and being an inspiration for ALL women. This is a truly inspiring story and one that is never too far from the surface, it's never drifted into the watery abyss of books that I vaguely remember. It's seared into my memory and my heart, and one I'm forever grateful for, thank you for making me the bookworm I am today!

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