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Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1) by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1)Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

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No spoilers and colorful language abound!

 Curran. Want. Curran. Want. Curran. Want. Curran. Want.   

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I had a really difficult time settling into this new world as I.A. wrote on a need to know basis. Frankly, need to know basis style writing typically annoys the shit out of me. Why are you making up words and not telling me what they mean? How am I supposed to understand the world you have created if you are not explaining it to me? For instance the language, how the world is the way it is, the people, the creatures, the magic is all left largely unexplained and you have to peel back each piece of information as the plot moves forward. It isn't done in a manner that makes you want to stop reading, it just is a slow start. I like to start reading a book and have it feel like my favorite pair of jeans, I don't always have the energy to break in a new pair, however Magic Bites had just the thing to make me keep going. Curran the beast lord!

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I had an actual reaction when he was on the pages, I sat up, read fast, and couldn't wait to see what he was going to do. I'm not entirely sure why I was so fascinated with a character I didn't know a whole lot about, but I was and still am. Perhaps its because I am a Belle, I have a theory that nearly all women of my generation are secretly a Disney princess. There is one in each of us that represents our inner girl, the one we try desperately to snuff out because she is naive and annoying. Big scary powerful dangerous man beast? Check. Big scary fortress? Check. Servants that scurry around him? Check. Ridiculous ego? Check. Looking for something more? Check. Like I said, my inner Belle sat up and paid attention. I bet he has a big library in the keep, I BET HE DOES.

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Kate Daniels is a badass MC, no other way to put it. Deadly, sarcastic, driven, while still able to self evaluate and know her limits. I enjoyed her inner voice, it was comfortable and easy to assimilate to. Except the for the Boones Farm, what the hell is that about? The plot itself seemed almost irrelevant to me, it's purpose to only facilitate the introductions and ground rules of the characters and world they live in. We got to see a little bit of everyones hand and I have a feeling this will be one hell of a series. I thought several times throughout the book that I.A. must know how the series ends before it was even written. As though they needed us to see who these people are and some of their motives and then wrote the plot around that. I'm actually 100% on board with that kind of writing, that means lots of books and an emotional tornado, I'm ready and on to the second book!

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