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Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7) by Karina Halle

Spoilers and colorful language abound!

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I have been betrayed. I dedicated the time to takes to read 7 books and 4 shorts to this series. Reluctantly offering up my trust to the author, trust that no matter what happens there would always be a life line to anchor me to the characters when things became too chaotic. Well you, madam are a fucking a weaver of lies. There is a clear distinction between when the author conjures up some horseshittery opposed to being true to their characters, their growth and their story. This, I'm sad to say is the former. The proverbial line into absolutely un-fucking-acceptable land has been crossed. Most contrived, fuckmented, trite pile of shit I've had the displeasure of reading.

I'm probably going to wander into spoiler territory from here on out, so newbies and hopefuls your exit is here. I'm not kidding, here on out is all spoilery nonsense. Proceed at your own risk


We have been force-fed Dickweasel's all consuming love and devotion to Perry for the past three books. We have witnessed the broken man, the man so saturated in his own self-loathing that he was actually drowning, claw his way back to the light. The man who nearly lost himself to the pain, a man who finally found his way back with a newfound sense of self, growth and determination. We saw his commitment, love, and affection for Perry. He gets her to leave her home, move in with him, wants her to be financially, sexually and emotionally dependent on him, and slowly proves to her that he loves her and she can trust him. Then suddenly some voodoo bitch out of no where tells him they can't have behbehs because evil and he straight rips Perry to shreds like the piece of shit I've always known him to be. For what you say? Oh, this is the worst part, to "save her because she would be too stubborn to leave on her own."

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He doesn't even have a minutia of respect for her to have a mature discussion with her and come to a mutual decision either way? He doesn't trust her enough to fucking tell her they are ripping holes in the veil? He is a disgusting piece of slime of a character now, but that didn't have to be his fate. There was so much room to blossom into a worthy character, so many tales to weave, but they have all been smashed.

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I cannot forgive him for this. I cannot ever look upon Dex with an ounce of hope that the man he wants to be is actually who he will become. I'm so angry with the author for doing this. It doesn't even add up. He learned already what it is like to lose Perry. He see's her worth and how much he loves her. There is no possible reason any of this needed to unfold this way, it feels jarring and implausible. He has had growth , we fucking read this fight already, we know how this ends up, let the characters grow and the the fuck off this contrived angsty fucktwat of a hamster wheel, THIS IS BULLSHIT.

I've known for sometime that Max has to be something otherworldly, and somewhere between guide and fallen angel. Turns out I wasn't far off but I have to admit that his house of lies fell so flat it is laughable. He became obsessed with Dex and his life? AYFKM? So, this ginger assclown basically sits back while Dex has a legitimate mental breakdown, is institutionalized and he just bounced to go "help Rose". So he manufactures ways back into Dex's life because stalker … and then fucks Perry for revenge while she is clearly possessed and he acted like she wasn't dying or anything? NBD guys. Ginger balls has everything under control. No, fuck you, wanker.

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I can't really comment on Perry, unfortunately this is actually an erotica and true to form females have no thoughts or opinions in those. It's all ass, tits and orgasms. Which speaking of, erotica? I get he's a dirty boy but this is book 7 in the series. There is no switching fucking genres at this point. What little plot we did see with Perry I was glad to see she seemed to have a pretty solid head on her shoulders. Despite Dex trying to manipulate her into being finically dependent on him, she insists on finding a job and contributing. She really seems to establish her voice when it comes to Dex and Max and other supporting characters. Also, she's hesitant to make any commitments to Dex other than sex and fun, which THANK FUCKING GOODNESS that the youngest in the group actually has her shit together and is willing to figure herself out.I'm glad at least one character has grown. That's about the most positive thing I can say about this entire book.

I was pushed to the breaking point with what I can accept from a character, then laughed at, and pushed down in the mud. I'm DNF at 69%. At this point I don't give a fuck about anything that happens with this sham of a series. I'm 1 staring this entire series. Bloody awful.

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It's entirely possible I'll finish this book, I have a very difficult time not finishing something that I start. Especially with how many hours I've already dedicated to this series. If I do, I'll amend my review to accommodate any changes in thoughts or feelings, or simply to reaffirm my already very strong reaction to this piece of garbage.

Update 4/16/14: Well, I finished this because I'm obsessive. It's even worse than I thought.

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