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Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, #4) by Stacia Kane

Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, #4)Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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No spoilers! Definitely colorful language abound!

I'm torn between 4 to 5 stars. I can't tell if I'm annoyed with the author or the character... AND IT'S NOT SOMETHING THAT I CAN JUST BLOW OFF. IT'S ONE OR THE OTHER, DAMMIT. I'm going to try and talk it out.

OK, I'm going with 4 stars.

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Nearly instantly I was annoyed with Chess. Mostly I'm not the kind of person who reassures those feeling insecure about their basic worth as a human being. Granted, with Chessie here she has every reason to act and feel this way, but it still tends to rub me the wrong way. In life I believe we are a culmination of the choices we've made and not a victim of circumstance so watching her act a fool because of her insecurities was a challenge for me. Take some fucking ownership of how you act and what you do, and leave it at that. You aren't scum of the earth because you messed up, stop sulking around like a dog waiting to get kicked. I suppose that answers my question.

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The nuances of this series as a whole has left me in awe and somewhat unnerved since I started. It reminds me of a relationship from my past, where you want them so much to not be an active addict anymore. If you could just pluck that out of their bag of personality traits it would just be fantastic, right? Unfortunately, no. They wouldn't be who they are, who they were, but more importantly, who they could be. Addiction is not something that operates on your time line and it's not something that is going to get tied up with a pretty little bow simply because she found love. It is so difficult to just resign yourself to sit back and let this person walk the path they are determined to walk, even knowing it will eventually rob you of their presence in your life.

In that respect, I feel so deeply for Terrible. So many things that simply cannot be articulated, but anyone who has been the sober beacon for a junkie friend, knows all about. I'm anxious about this series... it's all I can say now. I have to go read the next one!

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